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Lauren Boebert lied. Demand better.

ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, is calling on Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CD3) to apologize to her constituents in Colorado’s Third Congressional District for failing to do her job by missing the vote on the debt ceiling bill and then lying about her reason for missing the vote.

There is both a written record and now video of Boebert desperately running up the Capitol steps to cast her vote, and Boebert initially claimed she was "unavoidably detained." [1] Days later, Boebert changed her story claiming that she missed the vote as a “no show protest”. Boebert even posted a video lying about it. [2]

Members of Congress have one job: to vote on legislation. Boebert failed her most basic responsibility. And then Boebert lied about missing the vote by claiming days later it was a ‘protest’. It wasn’t.

Join our call for Rep. Boebert to apologize for her dishonesty and failure to accomplish the one job voters sent her to Washington to do. We will share your concerns with Boebert's campaign and the press to ensure that she is held accountable.
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