Support Humane Jail Population Management

Tell Governor Jared Polis and your state senator to continue the work they committed to in 2020.

In 2020, the Colorado legislature passed one of the country's most sweeping police accountability bills into law. After signing the bill, Governor Jared Polis said that more work must still be done. "We cannot go back to normal," Polis said. "We need to create a new normal where everybody's rights are respected.

SB21-62 is the next step to make Colorado more equitable, just, and safe for our entire community.

- Colorado's prison population has grown 800% since the 1970s.

- Over 60% of Coloradans in jail aren't convicted of a crime; they simply can't afford bail.

- During COVID, sheriffs, judges, public defenders, and DAs reduced Colorado's jail population by reserving jail beds solely for people who pose a safety risk to others.

- Depopulation has proven to show no overall increase in crime and would save taxpayers millions a year if enshrined into law.


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I once again urge you to support SB21-062 AS-IS with the Coalition Amendment and NO further amendments. Thank you for your dedication to the people of Colorado and to making our state a more just place for all.


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