O'Dea, Anderson and Ganahl: reject the Big Lie once and for all

Republicans like Pam Anderson, Heidi Ganahl, and Joe O'Dea are still trying to fool Coloradans. While Ganahl says "Joe Biden is the President," the Denver Post revealed this weekend that Ganahl ended an interview when asked about the 2020 Election and the Big Lie. [1] When faced with similar questions, Anderson (seeking the Secretary of State), said she didn't want to "ostracize" potential supporters. [2]

Republicans who want to give a satisfactory answer to the overwhelming majority of Americans without upsetting the election deniers they need for votes in the upcoming election are very careful in the words they use to describe Joe Biden's victory. Heidi Ganahl says "Joe Biden is the President," but that terse answer sidesteps whether or not Ganahl thinks Biden is the legitimately elected President. Ganahl should have no problem saying that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President of the United States, but those are words she has never once spoken: and the difference is crucial.

These candidates are even now attempting to play both sides of the issue for political gain, and it is time for Pam Anderson, Joe O'Dea, and Heidi Ganahl to state plainly that Joe Biden was legitimately elected president and disavow the dangerous right-wing and Republican conspiracy theorists--including Ganahl's running mate Danny Moore.

Join us today. Sign our petition calling on O'Dea, Anderson and Ganahl to publicly disavow the 2020 election conspiracy theories once and for all and affirm that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President of the United States.

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